Landing Page Designing

What exactly is Landing Page Design, and why is it so important to you and your company? Perhaps just as important, what in the heck is a landing page?!

Basically, a landing page is the first page that visitors see when they visit your website. It is a virtual home page for your corporate endeavor; one that will provide guests with their first impression of your site and, indeed, of your company as a whole.

One does not have to be a computer expert or IT specialist to know the importance of first impressions. And in all likelihood, you strive to make positive first impressions whenever possible. If a friend visits your house for the first time, you probably make it a point to clean and polish your living or family room until it shines. Why? Only because the living room is the first room in the home that the guest will see upon entering your domicile.

The same principle applies to your website. The moment that a visitor clicks on the link that accesses your site, he/she will immediately ‘land’ on the landing page. Therefore, it is of up most importance that this page be attractive, clean and easy to navigate. You want the graphics embedded on this page to shine in their beauty and clarity. You want the text and its typeface to be both attractive and easy to read.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal of your Landing Page Design, you want it to offer all of the basic information that a visitor wants to know about you and your company; or at least supply a visual and textual tease that will make visitors want to see and read more. Along these same lines, the landing page design must include a basic navigation menu; one that will lead visitors to other website pages with grace, ease and style.