Software Testing

Software Testing is one of the important phases in the development of any Software project. There are frequently changing demands which are coupled with reduced development life cycle of the product. This led to increase in the risk of application deployment even before the product is ready to release in the market. Our Testing experts will give you every uncertainty out of every product. Our Quality Assurance methods have worked consistently with our customers benefit. Every project with us is handling with care. Our steps include Analysis of Requirements, Planning of Project and Scheduling. We ensure that our end product is bug free.

At RSMS LLC, our QA Team will fulfill all your requirements. You can give your entire Testing work to us, and we assure you that your end product will be Bug Free. Our Team consists of Professionals who are well versed with their Skills. Our Team will work seamlessly on your Project and give you the Product You desired.

RSMS LLC offers you Manual and Automation Testing:

  • Manual Testing – As the name suggests, Manual Testing means checking of errors manually. A Tester considers itself as a user to ensure that the software performs all the functions. Many Companies can save a significant amount from outsourcing of testing function rather than in-house testing. Manual Testing is more reliable as compared with other testing techniques. Manual Testing is done with all the reasoning from the user point of view. In Manual Testing, you can update the test cases anywhere in between which is impossible in other testing procedures. Independent verification and validation will lead the organization focus on culture of quality.
  • Automation Testing – Life of a product can be saved through testing. Automation Testing is a vital part of Software Development Cycle. Every company wants to achieve competitive dominance by providing quality in their work. It requires expertise in skills of testing so as to identify the best automation tool. One has to select the appropriate test strategy so that the product is bug free in the end. We define and execute all the test cases by taking into consideration key parameters that can help you develop a better quality of software. Automation testing has its own advantages like –
  • Reduced cost
  • Productivity of the product increases
  • Give you multiple platform for testing that is across different operating system
  • Multiple database Testing
  • Superior Quality of Application

We offer quality in our work and deliver our projects before time. Our Team consists of Professionals who have sound knowledge of different Testing Tools and Platforms. So work with us and experience the change yourself.