terms of service

The Terms of Services for RSMS LLC, An individual or an entity you are representing This "Agreement" is a legal agreement that is in between you from now on "you" and RSMS LLC its licensors and its suppliers for the Tech Mind services. By using any service or purchasing the service and by accepting any agreement to acknowledge that you read this whole agreement, and you understand it, and you agree to the terms and policies presented here. And if you don't agree to these terms and policies, you should not apply, or accept, or use, or purchase the services RSMS LLC provides. The services include assistance, upgrades, technical support, and other services. These are the limited-time services as you may receive these services when you are a service subscriber in a valid account with RSMS LLC. If you fail to use the facilities within the subscription period, there would be no chargeback, and these services are only valid for a limited time of your subscription period. Services will be provided for a specific period of time.