XHTML/ CSS & PHP Development

At RSM, we can take your words and images and transform them into viable web-based Internet components; ones which will translate beautifully to your website. Indeed, our company specializes in XHTML/CSS and PHP Development; systems that can add flash, style and substance to your site.

Although these terms might not mean a great deal to you, their proper use and application can make all of the difference between a plain, static website and a sharp, spectacular display of your business, its products and its services. And through the skilled, appropriate application of XHTML/CSS and PHP Development, we can develop, modernize and transform your site.

XHTML Markup, for example, represents the conversion of basic images to a web-friendly format. No more fuzzy or grainy image translations; following XHTML Markup, your pictures will shine forth from your website, with no noticeable reduction in pixel quality.

CSS refers to the style and layout of your website. RSMcan make sure that both of these elements are not only attractive, but that they truly bespeak the identity and mission of your company. Moreover, we can make sure that your site boasts a crisp, modern look, and that it is easily navigated.

PHP refers to server scripting. This innovative new scripting language facilitates the presence of interactive content on your webpage.

This all might sound like techno speak to you; but for the trained web professionals at RSM, this is all part of the expanded web-based services we can offer for you and your company. We can actively implement all of these items to optimum effect for you, your business and your website.

All it takes is a few simple codes and a lot of technical expertise to maximize the impact of XHTML/ CSS and PHP Development for your website. Allow RSM to show you how it’s done!